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Hourly Timesheet Instruction 1. Save a copy of the workbook on your computer for your personal use. Verify Pay Period Select Tab 2. The Hourly Timesheet is an Excel-based file in a workbook format. A workbook is a collection of worksheets for every biweekly pay period in the current year. When you open the workbook file tabs will appear along the lower edge of the screen* Each tab corresponds to a specific biweekly pay period e*g* 1132005. Each tab identifies the pay period ending on the date...
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. Select the tab corresponding to the period of biweekly pay. Enter the data in the worksheet and hit Enter. 3. Enter Data A. Calculate Pay Period Select Tab (tabbed)1. Add pay period as a single row in the Data dialog box. Pay period continues to be the last month of the current pay period only. A single row is a range of data where the column headings and the first cell are the Pay period value and the second box is the monthly commission amount. The rest of the cells are empty! You should not attempt to enter any other data into tab fields.You can only add a single data row. B. Enter Monthly Payment Select Tab (tabbed)2. Enter the monthly payment as a single cell. Make entries in the column headings as follows. Monthly payment in the first column is the amount for the month. Monthly payment in the second column is the pay period, e.g., Pay period is the 12th quarter of the previous pay period. Monthly payment in the third column is the biweekly, i.e., the 12th of each month when the pay period is the following month. Monthly payment in the fourth column is the biweekly commission value. C. Enter Monthly Biweekly Pay Select Tab (tabbed)3. Enter the biweekly pay as a single cell. Make entries in the column headings as follows. Biweekly pay in column C is the total amount for the biweekly pay period (e.g., $20.00 Biweekly pay). Biweekly pay in column C is divided by 12 (i.e., $20.00.00 dividedby12) to give biweekly rate, which is divided by 1,000 to give weekly rate, which is addressed in cell D. Monthly biweekly pay is summed to give monthly biweekly pay, subtracted from biweekly pay in column B to give weekly biweekly pay. For calculation purposes, we recommend dividing the biweekly payments by 12 (i.e., $20.00.00 divided by12) D. Enter 1.00 monthly payment Enter 1.00 biweekly Dividing biweekly by 12 yields weekly payments of $10.00 and $20.00, which is the equivalent of the biweekly commissions which in your industry average $15.75 and $18.00,
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